Taking a step back

Sometimes it's just best to take a step back.

February 13, 2019 2 mins read

“Sometimes it’s just best to take a step back.”

I explained in tweet form at the beginning of this week that I was struggling to balance what has become essentially full-time design “career”, school, and other personal commitments.

I should really stop using Twitter as a medium to try and explain things, because the character limit doesn’t let me share my thoughts and feelings properly. I’ve removed my original tweets in favor of this post.

I’ve always tried to set a bunch of expectations for myself, mainly in an effort to ensure that I give my all. However, trying to “live up” to these expectations (especially recently) has had a pretty negative impact on my own health. I’m struggling to find inspiration too, a lot of my designs have been fairly “derivative” and lacking in the sort of “wow factor” that people expect.

I feel pretty exhausted, and so it’s best to take a step back and re-evaluate my priorities and commitments. This also means putting the design aspect of my life on hold–there are more important things right now, such as university.

I’m not done with design. It’s still the profession I want to go into–starting with my year-long placement at Microsoft SwiftKey later this year.

Also, the decision to shut off my design account was rash. As I browse around my own website and other social platforms, I realize that my content is linked to quite a bit. But perhaps more importantly, despite how I decide to use it in the future, that account is part of my contribution to the design community. It’s unfair to take that work away. The account is now online again, but don’t expect any new posts right now.

Thanks everyone for your patience and support.