Stolen content sucks—bad attitude sucks more

Jan 29, 2019 2 mins read

I hate writing pieces like this but yet it’s somehow needed for me to point out that stealing work isn’t okay.


It would seem yelling works. The author who previously disregarded me apologized and added credit to their article. Original blog post follows below.

In addition, I've put the @MikeWestDesign Twitter account back to public after a short private period where I was deciding if/how to proceed with posting with there. I'll continue to post, but new work will be watermarked in an effort to try and encourage attribution.

I tweeted about this last week, after noticing a Telegram channel was re-uploading mine (and other people’s content for that matter) in bulk. No link back to the source, or even the person it originated from.

This has continued, and it annoys me. But I was going to let it slide.

Now I find my content has been again stolen by a Windows news site. You’d expect a site reporting news to credit its images, but they didn’t. I originally though this might have been a mistake, we’re all human and we all forget sometimes.

But no, it was seemingly deliberate. Even after it was pointed out that they had directly re-uploaded some of my work without attribution, the author disregarded this and kind of an ass about it too.

And that’s what has led to me writing this. Because it sucks to have something you’ve worked hard on ripped by another entity and then posted with no regard as to where it came from. Content creators put a lot of time into what they do, it isn’t fair they go uncredited.